Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Watered Down Challenge

Let's face it. After popping out three kids and living off a diet of Coca-Cola and Goldfish crackers, it's unlikely the bulge of fat in my middle is going to disappear because I wave my fork in the air like a magic wand and speak, "Begone!"

There is such injustice in the world.

So, in honor of the changing of the seasons, the departing of October and with a spirit of thankfulness I am trying something new.

I'll call it the Watered Down Challenge.

Many moons ago, before I had even one small sprout to call my own, a lady told me she lost all her baby weight by drinking 32 ounces of water first thing in the morning, before anything else.

It makes me a little shaky to think of postponing my morning caffeine hit but I've decided to do it.

This morning I gulped down a humongous glass of water before anything else.

And guess what? I didn't die!

I may have even enjoyed feeling a little more "clean" all day, if that makes any sense at all.

The sad truth is I'm probably going to have to dust off the Pilates dvd before the lard baby disappears but I'm going to start with the water challenge and see if those extra 15 pounds can be washed away.

Wanna join me? Let me know and we'll encourage each other along the journey!

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Erin R said...

I accept your challenge! :) How long are you planning on doing this challenge?

Juggler said...

At least 30 days. We're going to track our weight and see how it goes!

melyssa said...

Do I want to join you? Are you smokin salmon or something? I'd rather have a worm omelet first thing in the morning than down that much water! Okay, maybe not, but water on an empty stomach sounds atrocious. But I'm weird. I tell you what: I don't want you to be alone so I will do it too. I'm just going to heat my water up to boiling and pour it over some coffee grounds first.

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